Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I blog to be free

I can't exactly explain why I've never had a blog before. A modern man -- a journalist at that-- should have a blog. Heck, by this point I should have three. Part of not having a blog can be attributed to my job as a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper. Being an upstanding member of the Fourth Estate means giving away a significant portion of your personal freedom in the name of maintaining real or perceived objectivity.

But as the Fourth Estate tumbles into irrelevancy or at least insolvency, I choose now to begin to dabble as a visitor of the Fifth Estate. I don't intend to erode my ability to continue to function as a working journalist by needlessly exposing my bias against the Bull Moose Party. But I'm also increasingly comfortable with the idea that the blossom offered by my employer will not be there for me in my old age. With that comfort comes my assertion that the job can't own my mind and if I'm not paid for these thoughts I have a right to use them elsewhere.

Further, I assert that it's essential for the Fourth Estate to learn from the Fifth Estate if we are to flourish into the future.

I have several different visions for where this blog goes in the future. But without one in clear focus we'll have to see what happens. I can say this it can't nearly be as awesome as it will be starting March 5 when I travel to Japan. (More on than later.)

Ed Fletcher

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