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Film to bring 1969 indecency trial to life

Writer/producer Ed Fletcher is working to bring Sacramento 1969 strip club indecency trial to life. 

The case made national news when the judge Earl Warren Jr., son of the Supreme Court Justice, ruled the jury needed to see the dance in order to determine whether it violated community standards. 

While both titillating and funny the scripts' chief achievement is making the audience think about  Free Expression.  

Based on a True Story
Screenplay by Ed Fletcher

The trial also featured a performance by
noted San Francisco dancer Carol Doda. 
Logline: The 1969 true story of  free-speech-loving exotic dancer who battles a small-town sheriff and bares it all to convince a jury that her expression is art worthy of protection. 

With the Vietnam War still in full-bloom, 1969 was a monumental year -- US astronauts landed on the moon, Woodstock attracted more than 350,000 rock and roll fans, and Orangevale barmaid Susanne Marie Haines exercised right of Free Expression by dancing “bottomless.”

Susanne, a 22-year-old former Miss Placer County, found herself in cuffs before she could finish the dance on that evening of July 26, but it wasn't the first time she’d been arrested for dancing in various states of undress and it wouldn't be her last. Susanne wasn't gonna let her father, her boss, or even the sheriff tell her what to do once “her mind is made.” 

This was important to her. Sometimes you have to break the law to test the law.

Susanne wasn't the only one to find herself in cuffs that night. Also caught up in this precedent-setting legal fight were the club owner Leonard Glancy, a reluctant First Amendment champion, and her “sister” in dance Sheila Brendenson.

To clear the girls and Glancy, fresh-faced attorney Ronald Sypnicki has a plan -- convince the judge to allow the jury to observe the offending dance first hand.  

To everyone’s surprise Judge Earl Warren Jr., son of Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren, agrees -- a decision he would quickly regret when the trial become a national media circus. With liberty on the line, Susanne takes the stage before the judge, jury, the national media and a packed house of “courtroom” spectators.

The comedic courtroom drama “Pink” promises to seduces audiences with its sexy subject matter while gently caressing the bounds of Free Expression.

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  1. Sounds interesting enough. And it's got strippers... Jennifer Lawrence isn't working right now I'm sure! Give her a ring!