Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Best for last

I just had an incredible afternoon with a delightful Japanese woman who hosted me and a CNN producer for a home visit.
Six years ago she decided to learn English and has done a masterful job. We chatted about local politics, Obama, race and travel over tea.
But just when we thought the afternoon was wrapping up, she showed us her calligraphy. Her work is breathtaking. And I thought buying some of her work would be so much more meaningful than any of the best gift store nick knack I could find. I gently asked if I could buy some.
She would not have it.
Instead she pulled out her supplies and began teaching us the ancient art. I clumsily did a couple then she expertly showed the way. It will be an experience I will remember forever.
Tomorrow afternoon I leave Osaka for Hawaii, then it's back to the states. In a way this trip will be remembered for what I didn't experience, but that experience will be one I cherish.


  1. An excellent example of the magic that travel is!

  2. Thanks largo. I hope to keep up with my new friend.