Sunday, July 8, 2012

T-shirt purchase supports local art

The action comedy "Dance Step of Death" is in production, but we could sure use your help. The film follows the self-described "Adventure Patrol" as they find themselves in a dangerous pinch after investigating a suspected police and media cover up. The film short will debut at the Sacramento Film and Music Festival, Aug. 18 at the Crest Theater and with you're help will be seen around the world.

You're contributions will also be used to pay submission fees for film festivals around the world. But we also have immediate needs, among other things, I've promised the cast and crew steak sandwiches. It's the least we can do since they're working for free.
Buy a "Dance Step of Death" T-shirt for $20 and support a Sacramento-based film production. If you're not interested in the shirt, a cash donation is appreciated.

The ribbed t-shirts features
art by Sam Laughlin. 
Here is the very attractive ladies cut. 


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Night before the premiere

Months of hard work and the fruit of my artistic vision are unveiled tonight as my short film "Dance Step of Death" is premiered on the big screen as part of the Sacramento Film and Music Festival.
I struggle to articulate the emotion I'm feeling right now.
It's not the butterflies I felt as I stepped on stage to do improv for the first time.
I wouldn't call it fear either.
It's an anxiousness to get it on.
For many months now, this was a dream that guided the majority of my free time. Consequently, been the subject of 30 percent of the words coming out of my month. Consequently, my friends must be eager to see if Ed Fletcher made something good, or whether he's been wasting your time with his crappy movie.  

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dance Step of Death Buzz

Our little zombie project is getting some buzz., an online only publication, just posted a story about "Dance Step of Death." I'm always afraid I'm going to give too much away or come off looking like an ass, but the writer did a nice job with this story.

 She even mentions the indiegogo campaign, so its a double bonus.

Why the hell not, leads to music promotion

Director AK Long and writer/producer/promoter Ed Fletcher
 on stage at the June 30 "Superheroes vs. Zombies" Party. 

In an impressive string of firsts this year, I notched another biggie Saturday night. I became a live music promoter.
The venue: Marilyn's on K.
The hook a "Superheroes vs. Zombies" costume party with three rock bands.
I'm going to call the night an all around success. The bands delivered. We made some money and most importantly people had fun.
The theme for the year has been "Why the hell not?"
Write a script -- Why the hell not
Take an improv class -- Why the hell not
Angela Gentry as She-Ra
Do standup comedy -- Why the hell not
Produce your movie -- Why the hell not
All the why the hell nots led to, "How the heck do we fund this movie." And with the help of superstar Angela Gentry we hatched this idea of the Superheroes vs. Zombies party. (I have to concede that we brainstorm so well that I forget whether many of my good ideas were hers or mine. That includes major portions of "Dance Step of Death")
Best of all she agreed to take on the title of executive producer for the movie and spear head the party. We found the venue, had a friend make a super rocking poster and we were off. It was her drive to make this party a success that forced me to leave my central air conditioned homes on one of the hottest days of the summer to visit every starbucks and coffee joint in the grid to hang posters.

Afro super chick asks for applause during the costume
contest at the "Superheroes vs. Zombies" party.
Photos by BlackpackerRTW usage creative commons 
It felt great to create again. It's nerve racking to wonder how many people will show up. It's a challenge to deal with talent. And its a hassle making a superhero/zombie clips disk only to forget to bring a DVD player. But oh what a feeling standing on stage and at the end of the night as people thank you for a great event.

With the event behind us, our indiegogo fundraising campaign wraps up in a matter of hours and we start shooting July 3.

For people who say there is nothing to do in their town stop waiting, and start saying "Why he hell not?"