Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sulking over, new script submitted

While other areas of my life either languish (dating) or are a mess (house), my creative side is doing quite well, thank you for asking.
On Friday, I bought the URL for the blog/website I plan to launch in a matter of months and on Monday I turned in my short film script for Access Sacramento's Place Called Sacramento Film Festival.
The film festival, PCS for the short, invites Sacramento County residents to write a 10 minute film script, 10 of those submitted are produced over the summer and then air at Sacramento's Crest Theater.
Dedicated readers, all two of you, remember that I turned in a script last year. It was rejected and I sulked for several months.
While adept at dealing with rejection in my dating life, 98 percent or more of news stories I write for the newspaper are published -- most with only minor revisions. The rejection of my script was much more of a personal blow. With news, I gather the facts and try to stay out of the way of the story. The script, in many ways was a closer reflection of my style, personality and me. It didn't help that some of the scripts selected were err less-than-perfect. I assuaged my ego by deciding that script "Pink" about the real-life events that shaped California decency laws was too sexy for the family-friendly constraints of PCS.
I haven't given up on making that movie -- a ode to strip clubs and the First Amendment, just not for PCS. I've made refinements, lengthened it, and subtracted some of the compromises I made to fit the 10 minute format.
This year, I wrote a new script that will be a hit with audiences. This script is more refined and fits more easily into the parameters of PCS.
 "Dance Step with Death" is about the office workers that moonlight as crime-fighting Superheroes that find themselves dancing with death as the investigate a series of gory dog attacks.
I have a number of people already looking to get involved. Including a young film maker Aaron Long of Mystery Zone Productions, but I'll need more. I need actors, makeup artists, dancers, a choreographer, production assistants, grips, production managers, and help feeding the crew.
If you'd like to help or just want to give it a read here is the script as submitted. I'll write more about the website at some future date.
 I'm excited about making this film happen, whether or not its selected by PCS.