Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm still working, plan b conceived

It may not be evident by this blog, but I'm continuing to work toward the goals expressed earlier in this space.
I have what I'm calling "Plan B" and am quietly working to make the transition -- whenever it may come -- easier.
I may write more about that in some time, but for now I feel its best to keep it under my hat. Regardless, of future employment I'm determined to keep the side projects moving here is an update on a few things I'm been working on:

  • My short film PINK needs some work, maybe a lot of work. After leaving it alone for a while I had the distance to really evaluate it. Something I don't think I really got before. Right now its a collection of some interesting scenes from an interesting story, but it doesn't really tell a story yet. There is no story arch. The question remains: can it be done in a 10 page short.
  • ARENA. I've decided to tape another show for Access Sacramento on Sacramento's arena debate. The goal will be to do it before September. What I need now is a sponsoring organization that doesn't impinge my journalist integrity. 
  • As noted before I dabble in video editing. The more and more Pinnacle Studio 11 fails me, the more convinced I need to become a Mac guy. I'm working on a longer multi-shot video, but here is the raw iphone video of by buddy Joe Boes singing You are my Sunshine.