Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back in Sac, more posts to come

I'm back in Sacramento, after 10 days in safe parts of Japan and three days of debriefing in Hawaii.
As I prepared for my trip to Japan, I felt there would by sufficient material to write an ego-stroking blog.
I never did I think a "few every century" earthquake would trigger a monstrosity of a tsunami that would overpower the best countermeasures and wash away whole towns.
Fortunately for my safety, our group left Tokyo hours before the 9.0 quake. Unfortunately that meant watching the events from hundreds of miles away rather than rolling up my sleeves and reporting on the ongoing tragedy.
While in Japan I tried to strike an appropriate balance between chronicling life and living it to the fullest.
In the coming weeks I hope to revisit my notes to share some stories and photos I didn't have the time to share earlier. Eventually, the blog will move on to my more mundane regular life, none-the-less I hope you'll continue reading. And if you have tips or suggestions I hope you'll share this with me in the comments space or at


  1. You are adorable. I love the multi-medianess of your report. Also, you should turn up the volume a little bit if possible.