Sunday, July 8, 2012

T-shirt purchase supports local art

The action comedy "Dance Step of Death" is in production, but we could sure use your help. The film follows the self-described "Adventure Patrol" as they find themselves in a dangerous pinch after investigating a suspected police and media cover up. The film short will debut at the Sacramento Film and Music Festival, Aug. 18 at the Crest Theater and with you're help will be seen around the world.

You're contributions will also be used to pay submission fees for film festivals around the world. But we also have immediate needs, among other things, I've promised the cast and crew steak sandwiches. It's the least we can do since they're working for free.
Buy a "Dance Step of Death" T-shirt for $20 and support a Sacramento-based film production. If you're not interested in the shirt, a cash donation is appreciated.

The ribbed t-shirts features
art by Sam Laughlin. 
Here is the very attractive ladies cut. 


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