Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Internet hos attack facebook

I promises to return to posting about important stuff. I have been making "plan b" efforts, but in the meantime enjoy this work of art from this internet slut. 

I'm "friend" people on facebook for three reasons I really know them, I really used to know them or they went to my high school or my college during my years. Yes the two latter exceptions are very broad, but I figure as a known high school and college figure from student government and the paper, there is a good chance I did know them, but forgot them. 

The one area I'm fairly restrictive in the facebook realm is work people flacks and such that I'm not on "drinking beer with" terms. My weakness in that area is hot chicks. But was you notice I message them to see if they are a robot. The odd this is Facebook has been fairly good at keeping the sluts out.

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